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Frequently Asked Boots Alteration and Shoe Repair Questions

How long does it take to perform the boot alteration or shoe repair?

The boot alterations normally takes between 3-5 days. However if you need them done urgently, depending on the type of boots we can fast track them and offer a 1 hour service for an extra $20. A lot of our clients that come from outside the Greater Toronto Area choose this method.

“I do not live in Toronto or Vaughan.” Can I ship you my boots?

Absolutely! Our customers ship us boots from all over the World, Canada Provinces and US States. Please send an email to with a brief description of what you need done and your location. In the email, please specify the material of the boots (if known) and also attach 2-3 pictures of your boots (while wearing them if you can) from different angles. We will confirm if we can make the alterations within a few business days.

“My boots are very expensive, will they get ruined?”

No. Independent of the cost of the boots, Leon’s Boot Alterations takes great care in altering boots to the highest standard for all our customers. Our standards are very high. We want the job to be perfect, and our customers expect the same. We will not accept your boots for an alterations if we can not do the job right. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to 30 days after receiving your boots. Our goal is to make sure your boots fit your calves to your exact specifications.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Leon’s Boot Alterations provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to 30 days after receiving your boots. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with the alteration, return them and we will make the necessary adjustments at no additional cost.

How do you perform the boot alterations?

We have a proven method that has been passed down for three generations of boot alteration and shoe repair professionalism. You will barely notice that your boots have been altered or anything has been done to them. No matter how skinny or large your calves are, Leon’ Boot Alterations and Shoe Repair will make sure your boots feel and look magnificent! Check out our review online!

Can you deliver my boots when they are done?

Unfortunately we do not provide delivery. You can either ship your boots to us or come in for a same day appointment.

What other shoe repair services do you provide?

We can repair most shoes depending on the problem. We also work with all kinds of leather material such as belt adjustments, coats and purse alterations. Please contact Leon’ Boot Alterations for prices. It is best we see the repair in person or if you email us a picture. Our services includes, heel & sole protectors, shoe & boot stretching, zipper & velcro repair, shoe shining and repairing rips and holes. View THIS link to learn more.

How wide can you widen boots?

We can widen boots to properly fit your calves. Specifically up to five inches depending on the material and quality of the boots. Visit THIS link to learn more.

What material do you work with?

We work with leather, vinyl, synthetic, and fabric to narrow or widen boots and shoes.

Do your alter Horse Back Riding Equestrian or Cowboy Boots?

Yes, we often work with Horse Back riding equestrian boots. We are able to narrow, widen and shorten equestrian horse back riding boots for a perfect snug fit.

Where can I get your flyers?

Leon’s Boot Alterations and Shoe Repair is partnered with almost all shoe companies in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) that sell boots. You can find our flyers in any mall across Toronto including its northern suburbs (Vaughan). Or you can come to our location. Book your appointment online or call us to set up an appointment.