boot alteration special price

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Outside of Greater Toronto area? Ship Your Boots!


If you are located outside of the Toronto area, you may order your boot alterations online for Narrowing, Widening, Shortening and Zipper Replacement services. Use “Add to Cart” buttons below to pay for your order. Then, follow the Shipping & Measurement Instructions HERE.

Narrow Boots Regular: $60/pair


Narrow Boots Higher Than the Knee: $70/pair


Narrow Horseback Riding Boots: $80/pair

Widen Boots: $60/pair


Widen Horseback Riding Boots: $80/pair


Material for Widening Boots: $40/pair

Shorten Boots – ‘Add On’: $60/pair

Shorten Boots – ‘Stand Alone’: $60/pair

Insert or Replace Zippers: $100+/pair

Stretch Front tip of Shoes: $20/pair

Polish Footwear: $20/pair


Please note:

  • Shipping is $30 for first pair, and $15 for each additional pair
  • Shipping is free after $300
  • Same Day service (only for walk in appointments): Extra $20
  • Prices may vary with different footwear