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Boot Alteration Services

Widen boots and shoes, narrow, shorten & shoe repair

If your boots are too wide near the top, Leon’s Boot Alterations will narrow them down for a perfect fit. No more worries about having skinny calves! For all kinds of leather and synthetic boot alterations.  Book your appointment online, or visit our FAQ page for more information.

Are your boots too tight? Zipper not going all the way up? Large calves? We will take care of it! We can enlarge boots by up to 5 inches through our proven method. For all kinds of leather boots. We can also widen any part of a shoe for comfort. Book your appointment online, or visit our FAQ page for more information.

Found the ideal boot, but the boots are too high up? No problem – Leon’s Boot Alterations will shorten it to the ideal height.

Don’t throw out a pair of great shoes or boots because of a broken zipper! We will replace the zipper to make your boot as good as new! If your boots do not have a zipper, or you struggle putting your feet in and want to install one, call Leon and he will take care of it.

We can repair any shoes depending on the problem. Some of the more popular options are, replacing heels and adding sole protectors, shoe stretching, new zippers and Velcro and fixing rips and holes. We also work with all kinds of leather material such as belt adjustments, coats and purse alterations. Please contact Leon’ Boot Alterations for prices.


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